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photo collage

art and global warming
sculpture and photo collage by rebecca davis

My work reflects my anxiety about the pollution produced by our synthetic culture.   The effect pollution has on the earth's environment is the conceptual core of my sculpture and photo collage.   In my work, I combine elements of wilderness and the products of human culture.

The work is intended to simultaneously attract and repel, blending beauty and toxicity.   The sculpture conveys the destruction of glacial ice by oil.   The photo collage work seems natural but upon examination there is a false quality, a deception.   Human activity affects the earth in dramatic and insidious ways.

I am on a journey to increase my understanding of the wild parts of our world and how those parts can be destroyed in my lifetime.   Oil drives all the world's economies. the beauty of the glacier and the relentless production of oil are bound together in these works.

My current work explores natural elements: fire, wind, and the process of gemination. I have been inspired by natures amazing ability to grow from a seed into a giant beanstalk.

photo collage
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