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Artist/Stone Carvers:
ISC - International Sculpture Center/vast listing of artist
Rebecca Davis - Teacher and artist in multi-media
Seminars and Symposia:
Loveland Academy - Classes in painting, claywork, moldmaking
Tools and Supplies:
About Stone- A non profit web resource for material, tools, seminars, other stone related info on stone and carving.
Comprehensive guide for Sculptors. - Sculpting index for the W.W.Web
The Compleat Sculptor, Inc- Tools
Colorado Alabaster Supply - Stone supply
Art City Studios and supplies - Stone and tools
Ball Consulting - Plaster products and tools
Trow and Holden - The best air hammers and hand tools.
Uni Marble - Website stinks but email for a catalogue, cheap bases.
Phone List
A Cut Above: (800) 444-2999
Laguna Clay Company: (800) 452-4862
S.B.C.C bookstore(toolsets...: 963-4661(Phil)
Scotco, Inc.(glue...): (800) 672-6826
Douglas and Sturgess Inc.: (415) 896-6283
California Carving Stone: (800) 688-8088
Dodd Discount Marble: (800) 272-8578
Import Onyx Inc.(bases): (818) 982-5111
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