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There are many considerations when putting a piece on a base. Some sculptures do not need a base. All sculptures need a consideration of presentation when they are conceived. This means you should think from the ground up how you wish to present your work. The height at which it is viewed will be the first step. Using a pedestal or a base or both are some of your choices. We will cover these considerations in class. This page covers the pin and sleeve method of basing a sculpture on a stone base.
Base, pins and sleeves Pin, sleeve, glue, sculpture Betty Clemens Sculpture
This is a general description of how to base a sculpture with a pin and sleeve. Details will be explained when we do this in class. The brass sleeve, which is glued into the sculpture, slips over the stainless steel pin, which is glued into the base. The sculpture is precisely drilled so that the brass sleeve is flush with the bottom of the sculpture. The base with the pin and the sculpture with the sleeve are put together before qlueing. This insures that every part is aligned. Then the glue is applied and the sculpture is put back together on the base until the glue sets up.
Sculpture by Betty Clemens
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