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Polishing can begin when the surface of the sculpture is free of all scratches and has been sanded to the point where you find a continuous sheen on the surface. As I explained in the sanding section of this tutorial with alabaster you will need to sand the piece to 1000grit to achieve a high gloss finish. For a satin finish 600grit is sufficient. A sealer needs to be applied before polishing. Do not put products on the sculpture that will yellow with age. Finishes such as Watco, car and floor wax and many other liquid polishes may look wonderful when you first apply them. In a short time they will yellow your piece and you will again have to sanded and polished the sculpture.
Seal the sculpture with Impregnator. This prevents the surface from getting stained by people touching the stone. Impregnator sealer Use high speed and medium pressure to apply the wax. Move continuously to avoid burning the stone. Buffing wheels
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