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Selecting a Stone

This process will take time and judgment. After selecting stones for several sculptures you will know how your selections have made your carving easier or more difficult.

Always wet the rock pile. This allows you to see the colors of the stones and their flaws. All rocks are subject to small imperfection. You will want to know where those are before you commit yourself to carving. Using a hardened steel hammer, tap the stone to hear if it rings. If it is dull in tone there is a crack or a color seam that is causing that sound. Try to remove the damaged area and check it again. Make sure you have enough rock for your sculpture.

A pile of Alabaster. Rock pile Wet Alabaster. Wet Albaster
You may want to purchase a stone from a stone yard specializing in carving stone. The right stone makes a huge difference in the final sculpture. Always check the stone as decribed above.
Creating a Model
Selecting a Stone
Carving by Hand
Making a Base
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