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Sandpaper and Sanding Screen
Sanding sheets are made of various grits and backings materials.
Sanding screen, paper and cloth are three backing options. Grits start
at 24-150 which are coarse and go to 600-3200 which are fine. You will
start with sanding screen which will not clog with dust. Ideally the sanding
screen should be 60-80 grit. The sanding cloth is long lasting, and does
not clog. It can be used in grits between 120-220 for medium sanding.
Wet/dry sandpaper is made to be used with water for final finish sanding.
You will want to use 220, 320, 400, 600 and 1000 grit to achieve a final result
on alabaster which is a high gloss finish. After you polish a surface sanded to
600grit you will have a satin finish.

Carving tools
Files and Rifflers
Carving tools Rifflers and files
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